Welcome to a Better WIFI Experience

Robust Wi-Fi

With Pathfinder Broadband Managed WiFi, experience a lightning-fast and dependable connection. Connect all of the devices in your home to stream, surf, work, school and entertain till your heart’s content.

Secure Platform

You have the keys to the castle at your fingertips with the Pathifiner WiFi App. Securely enable parental controls, manage access to your network, enable a guest network and more. All while remaining secure from cyber-threats.

An Effortless Experience

Your Pathfinder WiFi App is effortless to setup and use but we’re just a phone call or email away when you need us for support. 970.808.0000 | [email protected]

Personalized Wi-Fi Is Here

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Set Up

Set up your system in just three simple steps


With the mobile app, easily connect your entire home


Your network is always secure and provides real-time updates. and gives you the ability to create separate guest networks


Easily set up parental controls and create separate, secure guest networks. All with the ability to manage access & network speeds

Access Advanced Parental Controls to limit time spent on screen, enforce offline hours and prioritize bandwidth. Upgrade your WiFi app experience for $9.99 per month!

Advanced Parental Controls

Create boundaries for internet use in your home with Advanced Parental Controls. Set up individual profiles and assign devices for basic on/off control, set time limits, offline hours, filter content, monitor usage and more.


Protect your home with ProtectIQ™. Smart.  

Do you have anti-virus protection on all your devices? Is it up to date? What about that doorbell camera or smartTV? The truth is all your devices are at risk of threats, intrusions, and attacks. ProtectIQ™ keeps your personal information and devices safe. with

24/7 Scanning

Always-on scanning because malicious software and network threats don’t take days off.

Automatic Blocking

ProtectIQ™ automatically blocks and freezes attempts to access valuable information without your consent.

Intrusion Prevention

ProtectIQ™ creates a wall around your home network—stopping viruses from entering your digital life.

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