Outlook Tips and a Phishing Quiz

Take Google’s Phishing Quiz to Sharpen Your Security Skills
This month, we’re sharing a great tool you can use to help train your staff to resist email phishing attacks. Google has a phishing quiz that everyone should take, and it’s a lot harder to pass than you might think! The quiz teaches you how to spot indicators of a phishing email – a malicious email that could trick you into handing over precious data. We recommend sharing it with all your employees. Also, if you’re a Managed client, let us know if you would like to schedule a free lunch and learn with your staff to train them to spot phishing attacks – give us a call at 855.808.6920.



Outlook Tips From Our Technicians

  • We have found Outlook 2011 to be very buggy when it comes to enabling multi-factor authentication, a must in today’s cybersecurity climate. Because of this, we recommend replacing Outlook 2011 with a newer version to support the newer technology, keeping your email more secure.
  • If you’re having trouble sending or receiving email with Outlook, one of the first things you should check is “work offline mode.” Found on the menu under Outlook – Work Offline, this feature enables you to work without a connection to the email server for the time being, saving your work for when you reconnect.
  • We have discovered a glitch in Outlook 2016 where the user is unable to add an email signature. The fix is running a rollback update from Microsoft, and then repairing the Office applications. Please ask our techs for a how-to guide on this process.

If you require assistance with Outlook or have any questions, please reach out to our Help Desk at 855.808.0600.

An Added Benefit For Our Managed Prevent Clients
Decypher has recently made a commitment to improving our processes in blocking unicode domain phishing. Unicode phishing uses emails and domains with characters that are so similar to the real thing that they can trick people into thinking the links are legitimate. Luckily, our email spam solution, Proofpoint, quarantines email from unicode domains so employees never even see the phishing message. If you are a Manage Prevent customer, make sure your Proofpoint is up-to-date so we can block unicode domains automatically. Read more about the dangers of unicode.

If you have any questions about these tips or any other technology questions, please reach out to us at 855.808.6920, or contact us today.

March 2019 Edition